Electronics Projects
Including selected articles as presented in The Printed Circuit, newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society (TARS)'s monthly section:
Weekend Radio  Electronics Projects and Tutorials By Mike Maynard, K4ICY

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The Minty Kool Keyer - A 3-IC Fully-Iambic Electronic Keyer with Dot/Dash Memory and Progressive Weighting

The Pleasant Code Practice Oscillator - An Amplified Shaped Sine-Wave Oscillator

The Depot Cootie - An Easy-to-Build Single-Lever Paddle

K4ICY's Arduino Projects  Columns Handheld Game for Arduino

                         Based on the 1989 Sega arcade and console game inspired by Tetris, at the least, this portable version
                         uses a matrix of addressable LEDs, 2 LED numerical displays, a few buttons
                         and just one basic Arduino Nano or Uno.
                         Many other 'bells and whistles' are included such as stereo music, sound effects and haptic rumbling,
                         and the colorful game play is very enjoyable!
                         See my journal with detailed description, links to parts and download the sketch and schematic.
                         - - - Recommended for more advanced Arduino experimenters - - -

Breadboards, Dual Flashing LEDS & A 555-Based Timer with Relay

The Battery Saver - Low Voltage Cutoff Device - Introduction to Comparators

RF Peak Voltage Detector Circuit

One I.C. Transistor Tester

Dimming and Current Control for LEDs, Full-Color LEDs

The Wheatstone Bridge

An Audio Oscillator Circuit - The Cat-Bird

IR Quadrature Incremental Encoder for Arcade Joysticks
  WIP - Here, I tried to add rotation to standard arcade joysticks for games requiring this feature.
Shown here is only a PROTOTYPE, but a later Arduino microcontroller version proved the paticular IR receiver SOC's used to be a poor choice due some internal normalizing (AVC) feature.  But here, you can at least see my analog/passive circuit attempt.


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