Electronics Projects
Presenting continued builds and experiment tutorials by Mike, K4ICY, also including selected articles as presented in
  The Printed Circuit, newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society (TARS)'s monthly section:

Weekend Radio  Electronics Projects and Tutorials By Mike Maynard, K4ICY

Minty Kool Keyer

A 3-IC Fully-Iambic Electronic Keyer with Dot/Dash Memory and Progressive Weighting  ...and much more!
Pleasant CPO

An Amplified Shaped Sine-Wave Morse Code Practice Oscillator
Depot Cootie

An Easy-to-Build Single-Lever "Side Swiper" Paddle made from parts from your junk bin or local hardware store
Curiously Narrow Filter

Cut out the QRM & QRN with this multiple-stage CW Audio Filter
NM7T "OZ" CW Keying Mode Adapter

   CW Squeeze Keyer Input Adapter based on the MSK-5
(by Brian Kelley, NM7T.)  This adapter will add "dit insertion" mode operation ("OZ" mode) to most keyers.
How To.. Breadboards,
Flashing LED's  &  A
555-Based Timer

Let's get started in electronics!  No soldering initially required
Low-Volts Battery Cutoff Device - Intro to Comparators

Comparators and OP amps are essential and ubiquitous in useful electronics.  Build this low-voltage battery  saver cutoff circuit which also employs a neat relay trick.
RF Peak Voltage Detector

Begin to learn the fundamental dynamics of Radio Frequency energy and try out a few enlightening experiments
One-IC Transistor Tester

With just one 556 dual timer IC, never be left scratching your head over mystery transistors
LED's - Current & Control

RGB LED's are awesome, but non-linear devices.  Learn how to dim to your whim
The Wheatstone Bridge

Learn of electrical fundamental relationships and ID some caps
The Cat-Bird

Build this classic audio oscillator circuit and start your menagerie of sound effects.  Learn a bit about oscillator topologies
Li-Ion / Li-Po BMS

A small Battery Management System board capable of safely* providing portable power to your Arduino projects and more
Programming the ATMega328p

When it's time for your Arduino project to leave the nest, follow this guide and you'll be running bare ATMega328p microcontroller IC's in your own compact projects and even ditch the bootloader.
Programming the ATTiny85

   The small 8-pin cousin to the 328p, the ATTiny85 MCU is a very useful and compact solution.  Let's get setup to program them with a custom programming Arduino shield and even build a high-voltage fuse resetter to get use of that extra I/O pin.
[Update Planned...]

CW Morse Decoder

K4ICY's custom algorithm for decoding CW Morse code that copies at 0-to-70 WPM and shows the speed and code elements all in real time!  Suitable for a 3x20 LCD text screen.  Requires initial tone detection, but great out of the box with a hand key for practice.
Bun-Bun, A Cute Soil Moisture Indicator

   Tell if your indoor plants or vegetable garden needs to be watered or is getting too much water with this super kawaii chibi bunny face-shaped PCB project.  The ears are the probes!  Uses the small ATTiny85 MCU and runs from a small coin cell battery.  Calibrates at the touch of a button and stores the range in memory for future use.  Great for kids getting into electronics and for STEM/Science Fair applications.
Columns for Arduino

Play the classic SEGA(R) stacking puzzle game on any Arduino Uno or Nano!  This enjoyable, fast-paced handheld masterpiece uses 81 addressable RGB LED's, 16 7-segment display characters for info and offers stereo background music with simultaneous sound effects, as well as rumble haptics, 4 games and high score memory.  See detailed schematics...



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