Electronics Projects
As Presented in The Printed Circuit, Newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society (TARS)'s Monthly Section:
Weekend Radio  Electronics Projects and Tutorials By Mike Maynard, K4ICY

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Breadboards, Dual Flashing LEDS & A 555-Based Timer with Relay

The Battery Saver - Low Voltage Cutoff Device - Introduction to Comparators

RF Peak Voltage Detector Circuit

One I.C. Transistor Tester

Dimming and Current Control for LEDs, Full-Color LEDs

The Wheatstone Bridge

An Audio Oscillator Circuit - The Cat-Bird

The Pleasant Code Practice Oscillator - An Amplified Shaped Sine-Wave Oscillator

The Depot Cootie - An Easy-to-Build Single-Lever Paddle

The Minty Kool Keyer - A 3-IC Fully-Iambic Electronic Keyer with Dot/Dash Memory and Progressive Weighting

IR Quadrature Incremental Encoder for Arcade Joysticks
- Add rotation to standard arcade joysticks for games requiring this feature. THIS IS A PROTOTYPE!
   An Arduino microcontroller version is planned.  W.I.P.  More to follow...


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