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Graphic Design / Industrial Design / Paintings (Digital)
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   Resume of Michael A. Maynard

    Age 51, Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Electronics

    Contact: MikeK4ICY@gmail.com
    Residence: Tallahassee, Florida, USA

   Work Experience:

      1991-1994 - National Research and Technology (Electronics Contract Manufacturing)   Tallahassee / Havana, Florida

                      Inventory, Bill of Material, Shipping, Receiving, Test Department and etc.

      1994-1998 - Team Spirit Graphics, Screen Printed and Embroidered Apparel    Tallahassee, Florida
                     Art director over six-artist staff

                      • Retail work for 48 colleges with CLC Licensing Approval
                      • Retail lines for major department store accounts
                      • Fraternity and sorority event apparel
                      • Local/regional corporate identity, logotype design, advertising

      1999 - SignPrinters, Large Format Digital Printing    Tallahassee, Florida
                    Graphic designer

                      • Large format digital printing
                      • Large format lamination, trade show graphics
                      • Vinyl application for automotive and signage

      1999-2001 - Full Press Apparel, Screen Printing    Tallahassee, Florida
                     One of two staff artists

                      • Retail and Custom clientele
                      • Retail lines for major department store accounts
                      • Fraternity and sorority event apparel
                      • Local/regional corporate identity, logotype design, advertising

      2001-Present - Classic Shirts, Inc.    Tallahassee / Quincy, Florida
                     Sole staff artist, original works, final producer for works of additional contract artists and client agencies with
                     technical expertise in screen printing artwork plate separations and garment imprint engineering

                      • Retail pre-print design for many major retail corporations including but not limited to:
                           Ron Jon Surf Shop
                           Costa Del Mar, Huk and Nomad - sunglasses and apparel (owned by Luxottica)
                           Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe, Coca-Cola (storefronts) (through Entertainment Outfitters, Inc.)
                           Planet Hollywood
                           W.B. Mason - (Classic Shirts, Inc. serving as main custom imprinting supplier)

                           (Please note: My work, experience and talent has been instrumental, both directly and indrectly in earning
                           multiple millions of dollars yearly in accumulated profit for all companies involved.)


                      • Developed fonts used for corporate identity and organizations world-wide.
                      • Industrial design and prototyping
                      • Former Editor In Chief for The Printed Circuit, Newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society, 2012-2017,
                        including artwork and layout as well as contributing writer
                        https://sites.google.com/view/k4tlh/newsletter  http://k4tlh.net/tars-newsletter/

   Skill Set:

      Graphics Software Proficiency (Current Versions):

                      • CorelDRAW!  (Layout, Illustration)
                      • Adobe Photoshop  (Photo-Editing, Artwork, Separations Processing)
                      • Moment of Inspiration  (3-D NURBS-based CAD Hard Surface Modeling)

                      • Blender  (3-D Modeling, Compisiting, Rendering, etc.)
                      • Verve Painter  (Fluid Dynamics Simulated Painting)
                      • Made with Michief  (Virtual Sketch, Pen and Ink)
                      • EasyEDA (JLCPCB)  (Electronics Design, PCB Design and Fabrication)
                      • Adobe Illustrator (Layout, Illustration)
McNeel Rhinoceros (related to Moment of Inspiration)

      Electronics / Mechanical:
                      • Basic-Intermediate (non-engineer level) understanding of electronics;
                           Circuit Design, Schematics and Circuit Tracing - Digital and RF Analog. Lifelong experience
                      • Microcontroller Devices (
Arduino, Microchip/AVR, Espressif and etc.)
                      • Amateur Radio Extra Class License (FCC License Grant)
                      • Basic woodworking and metalworking, prototyping, product design

      Leadership Experience:
                      • Amateur Radio Emergency Service (MoU's with served agencies inc.; LCSO, COT, ARC)
                           Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Operations) of Leon County, Florida  (with ICS certifications)
                      • Vice President (board, 503c) - Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society 2011-2013
                      • Cub Scout Leader (BSA)  2009-2011
                      • Sunday School Leadership - Local Congregation (Presidency) / Teacher
                      • Art Director


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