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Michael A. Maynard   a.k.a. K4ICY

I've lived in the 2D world for over a quarter century as a graphic designer.
A decade ago I was caught up in the flood of 3D design software innovation and move up to the next dimension!
I found that Moment of Inspiration (Moi3D) is a great "Rhino lite" and perfect for conceptualizing industrial design ideas.
I've worked with other types of 3D software including SketchUp and 3DS Max,
but their operation cost is out of reach for the hobbyist and non-school enrolled learner.
Blender has come a long way and is certainly becoming a major player for polygonal modeling and rendering.
Blender is free, open-source and has a great community and that is where I've been as of late.

My career goal beyond Graphic Design is to work in the field of Industrial Design,
but in the macrocosmic scope including the disciplines of electrical and mechanical engineering,
user interface, aesthetic, marketing and etc..
The range (as shown) is too broad for the specific trade skill desired by particular companies
but a product or design show work intuitively, functionally and elegantly in a multitude of settings.

William Sofa Tutorial, Plus Room


The "William" sofa, following the Blender tutorial by Andrew Price.
Modeled in Blender, Rendered in Cycles.

1940's Southwestern Themed Restroom

Mesa Del Baņo

A 1940's Lodge Public Restroom with a Southwestern Aesthetic
(Scene WIP) Modeled in Blender, Rendered in Cycles.

City Within

City Within

Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Kerkythea

MoI 3D

Moi3D is a powerful but easy-to-use NURBS-based CAD application which is well suited for artists, hobbyists and even professionals.
Rapidly create fabrication-accurate 3D models using elegant, but highly precise spline-based curves and infinitely smooth surfaces.
Complex 3D geometry can be made from the most rudimentary 2D shapes with Moi3D's easy and intuitive tool set.

Models and scenes can be annotated with descriptions and dimensions and easily exported to your favorite rendering application
or in many great formats including .PDF, .AI, .3DM (Rhino 5), .STL, .OBJ and more!
Moi3D, for Windows and Mac, can run on any device from laptops to tablets when inspiration strikes
and without the constraints of overloaded UI's and cumbersome command panels.

Visit the forums at to converse with countless other Moi3D enthusiast who help
innovate, teach and bring this rare gem of a program to the masses.
You can also speak with the creator/programmer, Michael Gibson, who will very graciously answer your questions.

Try Moi3D for yourself and download the fully functional 30-day Trial edition!
A license is only $295 and students pay only $99 which is the same cost of any future version upgrades.

Visit today - Click Here!

Want to learn before starting the trial?
A 'no-save' version is yours with no time limit and you can follow along my great tutorials
as tens of thousands of satisfied Moi3D users have already done!

Take me to the tutorials!!

Bee Key - Dual-Lever CW Paddle

Bee Key - The "Stinger"

Bee-Themed Dual-Lever CW Paddle concept.
Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Kerkythea

The BeeBox

The Bee Box

Bee-Themed Modular Portable Open-Source Media Center
Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Kerkythea



Software-Defined Radio powered by the Raspberry Pi.
Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Thea Render

The Boiler

The Boiler

Concept Watch Design
Moi3D Gallery  /  Forum Discussion

Black Friday List

The Black Friday List

Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Thea Render 

Master Series - CW Key Rig
Master Series - CW Key Cluster

Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Kerkythea

Sports Ring
Rendered Gem Stone DetailSports Ring - Angle View
Ring FinalRing Mould

Champion Rings

Custom Sports Rings for Softball Champions
(Several Versions - Economy to Precious)
Modeled in Moment of Inspiration, Rendered in Kerkythea.

Produced in quantity by a ring manufacturer.
Top photo & Middle Right (rendered previews) / Middle Left (rendered dispersion light study)
Lower Left (product) / Lower Right (mold cast template)
Lost wax cast in aluminum or silver, plated in silver or platinum with set gemstones & placements.

Bathroom Detail - Sink

Bathroom - Toilet Fixtures

Vintage Dispenser - Moore Bros PEER No. 50

Vintage Bathroom Sconce

Circline Fluorescent Lamp Fixture

Southwest Deco Inspired Urinal - Sloan Royal Flushomatic Valve

Ornate Bathroom Sink

Deco Toilet

Miscellaneous Bathroom Fixtures

Good for a little ID Practice.

Moi3D Tutorials

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