Graphic Design and Artwork
Michael A. Maynard   a.k.a. K4ICY
A graphic designer by trade, my occupation has allowed me to create works for many notable clients.

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Grain Car Graffiti Model - G-Scale 4-Bay Hopper Model Adaptation by Bob Simpson, N0RS 

Tee Design      Selected works for screen-printed apparel

BSC Atlantic Coast Conference 23 US 90 Port City Dragway Shootout Classic BSC World Series 2023 BSC Kick Off Classic - Senior Spring Nationals 2023 BSC MLK Classic 2023
BSC ILA East Coast Championships 2022 BSC Senior Nationals 2022 BSC World Series 2022 BSC Midwest Championships 2022 BSC Atlantic Coast Championships 2022
BSC Southeastern Shootout 2022BSC Kick Off Classic 2022BSC World Championships 2021Tupelo Winter Worlds 2022BSC Rocket City Classic 2021
Black Volleyball Circuit - Showcase 2021BSC Midwest Championships 2021BSC World Series 2020BSC Southern Championshps 2021BSC Atlantic Coast Championships 2021
BSC ATL Classic 2021 BSC Southeastern Shootout 2021 BSC World Series 2019 BSC Kick Off Classic 2021 BSC Atlantic Coast Conference 2019
BSC Motor City Classic 2018 BSC Southeastern Shootout 2017 BSC World Series 2018 BSC Southeastern Shootout 2016 BSC MLK Classic 2015
BSC Southeastern Shootout 2014 BSC Winter Worlds 2014 BSC World Series 2014 NOLA Bayou Bash 4 - 2018 BSC Kick Off Classic 2014

Assorted Print Designs     Black Softball Circuit

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