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The following 3-D models were created in Moment of Inspiration - or "Moi" (pronounced "mo-eye").
Moi 3D is a NURBS based 3-D Design/CAD and solid modeling program created
by Michael Gibson of Triple Squid Software Design.
It's uniquely simple user interface and construction methods, along with it's easy learning curve make this design program a "must try".

Cast Iron Skillet  
Stackable School Chair   Plastic Detergent Bottle   Turbine-Style Sports Rim   Hand Held Shower Head Assembly WIP   Speaker with Mesh Grill   Silvertone Bakelite Radio   Portable Electric Range   Helical Phone Cord   Handle with hanging loop   PETE Drinking Water Bottle   16-Blade Razor   Glass Container   Custom Soda Bottle   Plastic Food Storage Container   Hair Brush   Dental Care Products   Bird Cage Ring   Egg Beater   Surface Blending   Manual Fillet   Transitional Recessed Surface   MoI Surfacing Methods   Flow On Revolved Surface   Twirl Using Flow on Revolved Surface   Pinch or Punch an Object   Network Complex Axial Surfaces   Lighting Options  

     MoI 3D   See how simple and enjoyable Moi 3D is to use:
Click on any pic to go to the associated forum page at moi3d.com.
  If prompted to Log In you can do so as a "Guest" to view the MoI 3D FORUM pages.  Additional resource files found HERE.

     Plastic Detergent Bottle
     Plastic Detergent Bottle

Follow Along to model these household objects

Stacking School Chair
Experience the new potential of Moi3D's Version 3 Beta!

Get: Flow, Twist, Isocurves, and more!

See full instructions and Forum member's renders by clicking on the pic!

Turbine-Style Sports Rim from Ed Ferguson on Vimeo.


     Hand Held Shower Head Assembly WIP
     Shower Head Assembly WIP

     Silvertone Bakelite Radio
     Silvertone Bakelite Radio

     Helical Phone Cord
     Helical Cords (Telephone, Radio, etc...)

     PETE Drinking Water Bottle
     Drinking Water Bottle

     Glass Container
Glass Container with Chrome Lid

Plastic Food Storage Container
     Food Storage Container

     Dental Care Products
Toothbrush and Paste Tube

Bee Box (Orange)
Gallery: The Bee Box
"Bee Inspired" Audio System Concept

The additional "Gallery" images you see on this page are examples of models
that were masterfully created using the simple to use -but powerful- tools
offered in Moment of Inspiration!  Sorry, no tutorials for these.
MoI 3D
Moi3D is a CAD application that uses NURBS technology
which allow you to work with smooth surfaces and beautiful curves
rather than jagged, unsightly and inaccurate polygons.
Design anything from architecture to automobiles!

If you would like to try Moi3D for yourself,
download the fully functional 30-day Trial edition.

A "forever" no-save version is also available to allow
you ample time to learn modeling techniques
while you consider a license purchase.

A license can be yours for $295.
Students can get the same exact product for only $99!

Click Here!

Moi3D is only 16 megs (install file) and can be used portably
and on nearly any computer with a license!

The Boiler Watch - Made with Moi3D
Gallery: The Boiler Watch
Men's Watch Concept

Tank model made in Moi3D

Gallery: An Homage to 3D Masters
Walking Tank Parody - originally modeled by "Cutangus"

     1950's Egg Beater  
Egg Beater - Student Recreation (Stever_UK)
Egg Beater Recreation from Tutorial by Stever_UK of MoII3D.com

   Procedural   Unique Tips and Tricks for Modeling in Moi 3D

     Manual Variable Fillet Technique
     Manual Variable Fillet Technique

     MoI Surfacing Methods
 Surfacing Methods                              

     Twirl Using Flow on Revolved Surface
     Twirl (or Whirlpool) An Object using V3's Flow Command on a Revolved Surface

     Network Complex Axial Surfaces
     Use Network to Create Complex Axial Surfaces
Stackable School Chair

     User Interface   Setup of the Moi 3D interface and other creature comforts

Moi3D Lighting Options and You
          Moi 3D's Lighting Options and You!
          See your Moi 3D models in a whole new way! - Learn How...  
Dino's Lighting Options

Dinos' Lighting Options Script

Enjoy instant and easy access to all your favorite Lighting Options presets with this handy alteration to MoI's built-in Lighting Options dialog. Use a custom keyboard shortcut to change lighting themes on-the-fly!

    BeeBox - Japanese Features Card
The 3-D image in this card was created in part by Moi3D's new PDF Export feature.

All images, photography and design work on this site is copyright  © 2016 Michael A. Maynard,  All rights reserved.
Moment of Inspiration (Moi 3D) is copyright © 2016 Triple Squid Software, Inc.

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