The Homebrew Projects of  Michael A. Maynard   - K4ICY

Check out some of the cool stuff I've scratched up in my garage:

Small Wonder Labs SW+40 QRP CW Rig and Homebrew Accessories  SW+40 QRP Rig
Antenna Launcher
Pneumatic Tennis Ball Launcher for Hanging Antennas
CW Dual-Lever Paddle Made From Junk    Homebrew Paddle
CW Audio Filter
  CW Audio Filter

A Basic Antenna Center Connector (Hurricane Proof) - "T-Shaped"

A Basic Antenna Center Connector (Hurricane Proof) - "Round"

Mobile 2m/440 Car Installation

Frustration and Fun with a Pixie II QRP Kit

Repair of a Small QRP Rig

NOTICE:  Mike Maynard, K4ICY, cannot be held liable for cause and effect of implementation of any reproduction of any device shown on this site, nor can results be guaranteed.  Abracadabra, In hoc agricola conc, in est spittle louk.