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   Resume of Michael A. Maynard

   Work Experience: (Graphic Design fields only)
      1994-1998 - Team Spirit Graphics, Screen Printed and Embroidered Apparel
                      Art director over six artist staff
                      • Retail work for 48 colleges - CLC approved
                      • Retail lines for major department stores

      1999 - SignPrinters, Large Format Digital Printing

      1999-2001 - Full Press Apparel, Screen Printing
                        One of two staff artists
                      • Retail and Custom clientele

      2001-Present - Classic Shirts, Inc.
                      Sole staff artist, final producer for works of additional contract artists.
                      • Retail Pre-print design for many major corporations


       • Developed fonts used for corporate identity and organizations world-wide.
       • Editor (in chief) for The Printed Circuit, Newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society.
             Artwork, Layout and contributing writer:

   Skill Set:

      Graphics Software Proficiency:
                      • CorelDRAW!
                      • Adobe Photoshop
                      • Google SketchUp
                      • McNeel Rhinoceros
                      • Moment of Inspiration
                      • Thea Render
                      • Verve Painter (Fluid Dynamics)
                      • Made with Michief
                      • Adobe Illustrator
                      • Autodesk 3DS Max, VRay Rendering System

      Electronics / Mechanical:
                      • Basic-Intermediate understanding of electronics;
                           Can read schematics and circuit trace. Lifelong experience.
                      • Amateur Radio Extra Class License
                      • Basic woodworking and metalworking

      Leadership Experience:
                      • Amateur Radio Emergency Service
                           Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Operations) of Leon County, Florida.
                      • Vice President - Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society 2011-2013
                      • Cub Scout Leader (BSA)
                      • Sunday School Leadership - Local Congregation (Presidency) / Teacher
                      • Art Director